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WW2 RAF Bomber Command Dec 1944 Operation Used Map.


Code: 21479

WW2 RAF Bomber Command Dec 1944 Operation Used Map.

A very rare example attributed to 90 Squadron which operated the Lancaster Bomber. This Captain of Aircraft Newcastle-Praque map has been marked in pencil with the route, numbers etc to Trier which took place on the 23rd December 1944. The reverse of the map with a large number of pencil notes which appear to have been made during the operational briefing. Included in these notes are various code words “Paddock” Abandon Mission etc. Also time at aircraft take off etc. Slight wear and very rare.

Information that came with the map indicated it had been used with 90 Squadron who indeed put up 17 aircraft for this operation to Trier, of which 1 failed to return, 1 returned early and 15 hit the target. Trier is a southwestern German city in the Moselle wine region, near the Luxembourg border.