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WW2 1943 Cheshire Regiment Battledress Blouse.


Code: 19732

WW2 1943 Cheshire Regiment Battledress Blouse.

A rare example of the 1940 pattern blouse retaining original cloth badges, indicating a Corporal of the Cheshire Regiment with the 1st Infantry Division. Also tailored with Machine Gunners cloth badge and two metal wound badges. The interior with a 1943 dated label indicating Size 6.. Also with details of the original owner 14402487 Cap Nephew 8Plt C Coy. A very good original battledress in clean condition.

Attributed to Corporal R.S. Mepham who originally served with the Middlesex Regiment being wounded with the 8th Bn in Northwest Europe on the 28th July 1944. (See attributed British Army Helmet also listed). He later transferred to the 2nd Bn Cheshire Regiment and served with the Battalion in Palestine. Regimental number confirmed.