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WW1 Original British Army Pierre Turner Book Illustration of Uniforms


Code: 15031

WW1 Original British Army  Pierre Turner Original Illustration "Army Uniforms of World War 1"

A rare unique original pen, ink & watercolour illustration of three British soldiers of the Great War “The Ration Carrier”, “Private Soldier” and “Medical Orderly” on board Colours and details VGC. Mounted in card mount overall size 21 x 28 cm.

Some of the Great War “old Timer’s” amongst us will be now looking at the photograph knowing they have seen this painting but can’t quite remember where. Well you will need to go back to a time before the Internet, even before the “Me at Arms” books, back to the late 1970’s early 1980’s to the Blandford Colour Series Military Reference Books and in particular “Army Uniforms of World War 1 by Andrew Mollow and illustrated by Pierre Turner. In my First Edition 1977 this appears as illustrations 122-124.