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RAF Early Cold War Period Group Captain's Cap by Bates of London.

This is a very good early Elizabeth II period example, retaining "scrambled egg" to the peak and bullion cap badge. Interior with leather sweatband and tailor's details. Few minor moth nips not effecting the appearance.

Code: 51916Price: 160.00 GBP

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WW2 RAF Officer's Servicedress Cap.

A good used example, complete with bullion cap badge and leather sweatband to the interior. Dusty condition, small moth to cap badge, cap appears to be moth free. Peak is now stiff, with a break, but remains a good typical WW2 example and displays well. Good size

Code: 51918Price: 140.00 GBP

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RAF Inter War, Early WW2 Officer's Side Cap.

A good quality example, tailored by Woodrow of London. Complete with cap badge and buttons. Small moth nips to front otherwise GC.

Code: 51917Price: 85.00 GBP

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WW2 Fleet Air Arm Observer's Bullion Badge.

A good full size padded example with pin fitting. GC.

Code: 51920Price:

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WW2 Period RAF Officer's Great Coat Shoulder Boards.

Retaining brass buttons and Flight Lieutenant rank lace.

Code: 51911Price: 15.00 GBP

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WW2 Fleet Air Arm Aircrew Log Book.

This book records the flying of Petty Officer E. Heslop a wireless operator The first entry is dated 24t November 1941 at No.1 Air Gunner School. Postings include 770, 886, 763, Squadrons and RN Air Station Trinidad. Types flown in Skua, Swordfish, Fulmer, etc. Complete with various ink stamps and signatures. Last entry dated October 1945. 360 Hours flown.

Code: 51866Price:

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WW2 G Type Oxygen Mask.

A very good example with splits to the rubber of the nose. Retaining all original elasticated strap, copper nose wire and electrics. Size Large. VGC.

Code: 51860Price: 650.00 GBP

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RAF Cold War Period Bone Dome & Inner Flying Helmet.

A very good complete set as worn by Flight Lieutenant Paverly
Looking at the condition of the set, I would think (not tested) in working condition.
Bone Dome, with tinted visor (complete with cover) and chinstrap. The interior webbing is clean and dated 1970.
Inner green cloth flying helmet complete with electrics, dated 1984.
H type Oxygen mask, dated April 1972.

Accompanied by plastic storage bag for helmet and overall cotton carrying bag.

A superb set

Code: 51846Price: 400.00 GBP

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RAF Cold War Period P14 Oxygen Mask

A very good example complete with mike, electrics, chain attachments and tube. VGC

Code: 51830Price: 150.00 GBP

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RAF Cold War Period H Type Oxygen Mask.

A good example, dated April 1972. Complete with mike and electrics. This example with fitting straps and including ring fitting for attachment to helmet. Slight wear.

Code: 51827Price: 85.00 GBP

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RAF Cold War Period Oxygen Mask Tube and Clip.

A very good supple example, retaining fittings and spring clip.

Code: 51829Price: 100.00 GBP

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RAF WW2 Pattern "H" Type Oxygen Mask.

This example with the WW2 pattern large mike. Complete with electrics and attachment straps. Dated February 1952. Leather remains supple and good. Slight service and age wear.

Code: 51828Price:

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RAF WW2 Pattern Aircrew White Silk Gloves.

An example of the issue pair white silk gloves, these have been worn and have worn through on the thumb of the left hand and the middle finger of the right.

Code: 51847Price: 35.00 GBP

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WW2 RAF Night Training Goggles.

A very good pair, these fitted with clear lenses. Retaining elasticated strap. Near unissued condition.

Code: 51826Price: 40.00 GBP

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WW2 RAF Navigator Battledress Uniform.

A good war service combination worn by a flight Sergeant Navigator. The blouse with original insignia and retaining original 1945 issue babel. ... Accompanied by battledress trousers with 1944 dated issue label. Overall GC some service wear, appear to be moth free to blouse. Small mothing to trousers

Code: 51814Price: 425.00 GBP

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WW2 RAF 1943 Suits Aircrew Pilots Battledress Blouse.

This example is tailored with padded Pilots wings, DFC ribbon and Flying Officer rank. Retaining issue label to the interior. The blouse with some small moth holes

Code: 51813Price: 300.00 GBP

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Flying Goggles & Box.

A very good and scarce pair, complete with original card box and spare lenses. VGC.

Code: 51834Price:

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WW2 RAF Escape & Evasion Aircrew Issue Phrase Card.

A scarce example of the phrase card issued to RAF aircrew, including German, French, Dutch, Spanish. Clearly printed "Not to be Produced in Public". GC

Code: 51835Price: 120.00 GBP

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RAF Inter War / Early WW2 Officer's Cap.

A very good example tailored by "Alkit" of London. Typical early style with light blue stitching. Complete with bullion cap badge, chinstrap and leather sweatband. Slight age wear, moth free very good shape.

Code: 51807Price:

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RAF 1928 Airman's Pocket Book.

A rare example of a 1920's period all an Airman needs to know pocket book. Complete with fold out illustrations and retaining original cover. Minor age wear..

Code: 51795Price: 120.00 GBP

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